Get to know us

At FrameMyRun, we're out to create a world-class product that's known and loved by runners...  Marathon runners, Thanksgiving 5K'ers, and casual runners who have a favorite route through their neighborhood. 

  1. Our team at FrameMyRun loves running. Not because we're great at it. We're actually pretty average. But we love it. 
  2. The initial (beta) version of FrameMyRun launched in 2013 in (co-founder) Bill's kitchen in Nashville, Tennessee. The first run we ever framed was the Nashville Country Music 1/2 Marathon.
  3. We're always adding more races and routes, with a mission to inspire runners all over the world to celebrate their favorite runs. That work, and the accompanying story, continues indefinitely. Turns out the story is part drama, part comedy, occasionally Broadway musical, and definitely a thriller. Possibly starring Gary Oldman. 

So, if you're a runner, or if you know a runner, go ahead and frame a run. 


The FrameMyRun Team